Using is very easy. There are 2 types of players, looking for a group (LFG) or looking for more players to join their group (LFM). If you are looking for a group (LFG), list your player and other players browsing the site will invite you to their group. If you are looking for more (LFM), use the search filters to find players and send them an invite to your game.

How to use

  • Looking For Group (LFG)
    • Click
    • Select your activity, fill out the details, and click
    • Your listing will be active until it expires. You can reset the timer by clicking
      and then clicking on
    • Once you have found a group, click
      and then click

  • Looking For More (LFM) Option 1 - List Your Player and Allow Other Players To Message You
    • Follow the directions listed above in the Looking For Group (LFG) section and use the comments section to state that you are LFM and tell players to message you.
    • Once you find enough players for your group, please remove your player by clicking
      and then click

  • Looking For More (LFM) Option 2 - Invite Players To Your Game
    • Use the search filters provided and click
    • We advise you to message players directly either in-game via Xbox Live or PSN Online.